Arigato Eau de Parfum
With an immaculate dry down, Arigato, offers a delicate balance of spice and floral bouquet that takes self-assured femininity to new heights. Feel the heaven that gratefulness brings in this distinctly unique eau de parfum. Soft, warm and sensual, men dig Arigato! 2 fl oz.

Notes – Cardamom, anise, ylang, rose, layers of warm musk, vanilla absolute and amber

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The intention for Arigato. The phonetic spelling for the word meaning ‘thank you’ in Japanese, Arigato is an exotic floral that sends you the beautiful intention of gratefulness. A great difference between saying the words ‘thank you’ and deeply feeling them, a true sense of gratefulness is very close to heaven on earth. May you truly feel the blessings in your life throughout your day.


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