Angels of Dallas: Spotlight on Alex Ramsey

A leadership consultant that has been invited to ring the opening bell at the NASDAQ not once, but three times — that’s my friend Alex Ramsey. And, consulting with entrepreneurial companies is not her only gift — it seems like just a few days ago that she and I celebrated the new year with a yummy cheese souffle that she just whipped up from memory. We sat by a warm fireplace, reflected on the year and our hopes and intentions for the new year. When I think about angels in my life, Alex springs immediately to mind.

We had met at a time when we were both recently divorced, also my father had just received a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Needless to say, I needed an angel in my life. And, what can I say, divine timing is always miraculous. Around that time she started a discussion group in her home. It was called Manifestation Mondays because we met on a Monday about once a month and the subject always tied to manifesting a life that we desired. The discussions ranged widely: coping techniques, spiritual concepts, meditation techniques, the power of thought, visualization — always with a focus of ever-shifting our mood upward in the now. I learned a tremendous amount from the discussions over the course of a couple of years, but watching Alex and how she lives gave me the biggest personal growth spurt.

She treats her life like it is the most delicious project. DE-LIC-IOUS! And, she is right – what could be more gratifying and interesting than working on and improving our existence here. She journals, researches and takes classes to make her life better. She’s always researching – looking to learn more of subjects that interest her, ways she can get involved and give back – to make a difference in her own life and in our society. She’s meticulous about scheduling her time to include the most interesting travels, events and people. She’s careful to chose wisely when it comes to scheduling quality time with quality people, because she knows that everything feeds her psyche.
Angels of Dallas
For me, Alex Ramsey is an angel because she’s given me the most tangible example of how to take personal responsibility for my happiness and my life exeperience. I know that many leaders, both in the business world and in the community, feel the same way about Alex, as she uses and teaches her philosophies in her consulting, speaking engagements and in her work with non-profits (she is a past president of Artreach and the National Speaker’s Association, and on the board of directors for the American Foundation for the Blind).

Life has never been more delicious for me. And, for anyone that has had the privilege of knowing or working with Alex — I know their lives are enriched as well. If you have or know of an angel among us, please feel free to hit the yellow comment button and let us know about them — now is a great time to honor those that keep the Christmas spirit in their hearts year around!

Make Life Miraculous,
Sandy Munnerlyn Bell


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