Angels Series: Spotlight on Cindy Gwaltney

You know how some people just make an indelible impression on your life? Well, I’d like to continue the angels series with a personal angel (and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.)

Cindy Gwaltney Nicholson, somehow got the luck of the draw and became my ‘Big Sis’ in college. Gregarious, outgoing and always wearing a big smile, Cindy couldn’t have been a better fit for someone who was somewhat of a lone wolf and socially shy such as myself. Back then, I would many times choose hitting the books over the multitude of party choices, just to avoid the awkwardness of having to meet (and, Yikes! – talk to) new people.

Cindy loooooooves life and is always in engaged mode! I use to marvel at her energy. After going to class, hitting several organizational meetings, cheerleader practice, studying and some kind of social event – she would many times organize a midnight run. Why is she a personal angel? Because she was a life example for me. She showed me that a good mood is a choice you make; that a good life is the life you make; that good friends are people that you draw close to you and give freely of yourself to.

Over the years, when I’ve felt socially-retiring, fearful, or like I’ve wallowed in a negative space for a bit too long, my mind’s eye will flicker to a memory of Cindy — smiling, laughing — completely diggin’ life. That’s all it takes. It’s like I heard a famous person say once, “A miracle is just a shift in perception.” The “What would Cindy Gwaltney do?” question gives me that shift in perception, and that is why she is an angel that makes a difference.

The above picture is one I found of her on Facebook (hope that is okay sweetie!) This is pure Cindy mode.

Make Life Miraculous,
Sandy Munnerlyn Bell


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