Be Fearless in 2012

It’s a new year, a magical time to assess who we are, what we want, and the boundaries for our dream here. Let me encourage you to think bigger than you ever have and to protect the beliefs you have in yourself with all you have. If you attended our opening, you heard me speak on thoughts and intention. I think they are at the core of who we are. Your thoughts and intentions set your boundaries, as we can only achieve that which we deem as possible – what we feel is within our reach.

Many times people don’t associate their thoughts and their talk with what they have in their lives. Do you find yourself carelessly saying things like, “You know, I get sick every year about this time?” Funny how often these things become self-fulfilling prophesies, isn’t it? You may know of the biblical verse of how a good tree bears good fruits and a bad tree bears bad fruits. You can interpret that as an analogy on good and evil, but there is another way to interpret it as well. The fruits are obviously the outward signs of what our lives have produced. Your tree is your thoughts, your talk — your spirit. You can see how this plays out all around you all the time in the people you know. Do they speak of fear, lack, an expectancy for the worse? Now, does this line up with what they have in their lives? Good people inadvertently poison their own tree.

To be fearless in 2012, you must guard your heart with all you’ve got. Am I talking about your blood pump? No, your heart is your spirit — your thoughts and beliefs — your tree. Your beliefs create the border for your tree and will determine how far it can reach out, how big it will grow. Limit your exposure to negative news shows. I try to just scan the headlines online and only click on the stories of most importance to me. Hollywood is good at creating fear-based films. Inspirational is a better way to nourish your tree. High drama reality shows – are you kidding – not what I want. Be mindful of who you talk with, listen to and those with which you surround yourself. Negative thoughts can be easily absorbed, so be your first and best censor. Watch your thoughts and what you say, and immediately correct and replace the negative things with positive.

Stretch! Go farther than you ever have this year. Run faster. Be stronger. Learn more. Grow. Produce more. Love more. Be more…….. Know you can.

I know you can.

Make Life Miraculous,

Sandy Munnerlyn Bell

This lovely photo is by vladeb on flickr


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