Boot camp is against my religion

In the spirit of this blog, dedicated to perfume, intention and other beautiful things, I’d like to point out something that is the antithesis of beautiful — boot camp.

Yes, the holiday foods have had a chance to mingle with our leisurely pace and festive merry making. Yes, it would be nice to see those extra pounds exit the building quickly. But, no, definitely not in this lifetime will you see me enroll in one of those 6-week torturous boot camps. I agree that a fit and trim body is beautiful and worth striving for, but life is short. Let’s be nice to ourselves.

As example, a friend of mine pops immediately to mind. About a year ago her weight had creeped up and so she enrolled in a boot camp with friends, thinking it would be fun. It was brutal, number one. Number two, they ran with and lifted bulky, awkward items (like railroad ties, etc.) and she wrenched her back. For the past year she hasn’t been able to work out at all. So, point number three, her weight now is far more than where it was before she enrolled in the boot camp, more than it has ever been in her lifetime. And, let’s not even get into the pain and physical therapy bills that have mounted.

If your spiritual beliefs embrace the concepts of love and faith, let me assert that applying both to you and your life first is a good plan. Being kind to your own spirit, makes it easier for you to turn it outward to the world. Here’s the kinder, gentler program that I’ve put in place to drop the extra lbs:

–I’ve recorded the old Gilad “Bodies in Motion”, and his more current show as well, from Discover Health network. It’s only a 30 minute show, of which about 15 minutes is commercials (which I fast forward through). So, I roll out of bed each morning and do that and get it over with first thing. The beautiful thing about this work out is it is fast and easy and he always shoots it on a beach or beautiful vacation spot. So, suspension of disbelief, I start my day in an exotic local as if I’m on permanent holiday.(Hey girls, he’s not hard to look at either!)

–I’ve cut up celery and carrots, and have put them in containers front and center in the fridge with cherry tomatoes for easy snacking, since I usually reach for what is easy.

–I rounded up some spicy soup recipes on the internet, none of which contain starchy vegetables like potatoes, and am making a big pot each Sunday to eat throughout the week.

–Lastly, I’m cutting out sugar. This is the hardest of all. And, I haven’t stuck with it completely, but hey, we’re not going to beat ourselves up when we slip. Life should be beautiful not torturous. There’s time between now and swim suit weather. So, be kind to yourself and have a beautiful year!

Make Life Miraculous,
Sandy Munnerlyn Bell


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