Contemplating Joy…

With Christmas here, tis the season, and carols ring out the message of joy and peace on earth. Yes, it is very well and good to sing about joy, but are you feeling it? Are you feeling it every day of your life? Well, first, what is IT! What is that elusive three-lettered word?

At the Dallas Symphony’s Christmas performance this weekend, after the intermission, conductor Lawrence Loh said the pieces would celebrate joy, from the quiet joy one may feel when viewing their newborn to the more exuberant joy of dance and celebration.

Hmmmm, yes, there are different kinds of joy as he stated, aren’t there? It can be intraspective joy or a social, group hug sort of joy, or intimate – just between two people — or you and your loyal pet. You can experience it alone as you put the final touches on a personal or work project that you’ve poured your soul into. But, the profound part of what Loh said was in the examples. Each were joys found in a moment, in an experiencing of what is.

For me, I found a moment of pure joy in the DSO performance as soprano Teresa Gomez, in a beautiful white ball gown with just the right amount of silver bling down the front, sang a resplendent rendition of Winter Wonderland, with colorful stage lighting, the seasoned orchestral backing and large snowflakes falling softly upon the audience. As the song started, I noted the beauty mentally and spirtually, and decidedly moved more deeply into the experience. As I fully melded with the moment, a chill passed straight through the my body’s center and I became aware of what I had done. I’d lost myself in the moment! What a rare treat! I was able to completely experience the beauty of that moment in time, gratefulness followed – thorough, warming.

What is joy? A rush of endorphins? Nah, possibly, it’s the moments that we dip down into the planck scale and touch that which connects us to everything. Who knows? I used to think I could only be happy as a participant, not a spectator. But, over the past decade this has changed, now I find beauty in experiencing all of life’s performances — even those that are not as perfect as the one mentioned above. Perfection or imperfection, it really doesn’t matter, let’s just meld into the miraculous now. Check out the intricate dance that surrounds you this holiday – move deeply into it – see the beauty. Joy to all!

Make Life Miraculous,
Sandy Munnerlyn Bell

This photo is by a talented photographer I found on flickr – fradaveccs. It is entitled TecnnoHub Xmas.


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