Self-Talk Series: 2013 Strong & Fearless

“I can do anything
I am strong,
I am invincible” – Helen Reddy from I Am Woman lyrics

“Today I will not listen to the fearful voice of ego. I am strong. I am creative, a spark from the true creator. I am wise enough to discern real danger to my body and my well-being. Therefore, I will tune out the fearful tapes and chatter of the left brain and act confidently, boldly and effortlessly throughout my day, within the intuitive right side of my brain. My right-brain sees the big picture and knows instinctively the best course for me. I feel an inner peace that I will truly act within my authentic self today. Everything will feel good, joyful and right. As an integral part of all that is, I have access to the knowledge and wisdom of the ages. Peace moves with me and through me. There is nothing I cannot achieve. The angst caused by indecision is no longer a part of my day. I swiftly move and act with decisive and brilliant courage. I am grateful for this day and each moment it will bring. Today I will live the miracle of intuition and strength, and will blaze a spectacular path through the world.”

When we were toddlers, the warning voice of our parents was a good thing. Don’t run with the scissors or stick forks into light sockets were pieces of advice we needed to hear. Unfortunately, at a young age we become programmed to worry about everything around us. As adults, the warning voices continue to go off constantly, long after we have learned the necessities of protecting our lives and limbs, financial well-being, etc. This steals the joy from our precious moments. It is impossible to fully immerse yourself in the joy of the moment when that little nagging voice is always pointing to possible future consequences or what happened in the past. Joy can only be fully experienced in the now – this moment. Breathe in deeply, smile. You have learned life’s lessons well, and today is the day you will start turning down the left-brain voice, way down, and trusting your intuitive, big picture right brain. Your ego, which lives in the left-brain, may say “Hey, I’m just playing devil’s advocate.” Just imagine a red-horned cartoon dude with a pitchfork when you hear that voice and don’t engage with those thoughts, as only a devil would steal you away from the joy in any given moment. Practice makes perfect, so monitor your thoughts at all times and choose to make life miraculous, moment by moment.

Make Life Miraculous!
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