The Dream

On Friday night, we had our big launch event, and I believe a good time was had by all. Pictures and videos will be coming soon. Again, I’d like to thank everyone for coming out and send out special thanks to those that made the event a success: Cindy and John Irvin, the Gatlins, Jack Baines, Debbie King, Tina Pool Hulen, Ally Anderson, Barrett Cole, Christine Saggese, Bethany Staller, Olga Ball, Heidi, and my family – Mark, mom and Eli!!!!

Last night I had the most elaborate dream, very intricate and vivid in its detail. I dreamed I was seated at a table, possibly a sidewalk café, looking across a lake at the façade of an old Italian building. The building had many floors, windows and balconies. A clock sounded to signal the start of possibly some kind of church service, and as it did, the façade folded down and revealed a clean new white façade with new balconies, doors and windows in different spots and shapes than before. Then they all started changing, doors into windows, balconies into doors, each thing on the building started to turn and evolve in a very “Inception” sort of fashion. It was synchronized and beautiful. Each time I thought it had become its final creation, it would change again into something even more beautiful and interesting.

Because the dream was one of the most vivid and unique dreams I have ever had, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it today and what it might mean. Possibly, it is some kind of metaphor for creating this new business. Sandy – note to self – enjoy the process. It reminds me of the concept I had in creating Celestine Veil . So many times we would like to peak under that celestial veil and see the inner workings, discover the wonder of it all. Possibly though, the magic is in watching life evolve and not knowing what will come next. I look forward to this journey and hope you come along with me.

Sandy Munnerlyn Bell


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