The Self-Talk Series: A Good Health Affirmation

“I do believe I’m feelin’ stronger every day. “ – Chicago from Feelin’ Stronger Everyday lyrics

“My body is my temple. Today and going forward I make healthy choices. As I close my eyes, I visualize any blockages, unwanted growths and toxic areas melting away. They flow to my normal waste organs and are carried out of my body naturally and effortlessly. My body is self-healing. The antioxidants that I regularly eat and take in supplement form are currently cleaning my cells, scrubbing them and ridding them of all free radicals. The pollution that I encounter throughout my day is not a concern as it is always eliminated efficiently from my cells. I glow with health and my cells grow stronger each day, resilient, functioning to perfection. Age, time and transgressions are washed away as each day I make wiser choices and reinforce my good habits. My cells glow, almost transparent, reflecting light as they are clean and full of energy. As I move through my day, I drink plenty of pure filtered water, eat my vegetables, take my supplements, exercise and avoid junk foods. Health is a top priority for me. I feel energy surging through my body and improved muscle tone. Each day I’m stronger and more radiant. My brain neurons fire rapidly giving me clarity, laser-focused concentration, sharp answers and a quick wit. And, my mood is upbeat because I produce all the feel-good chemicals my body loves. Today will be great; I feel good, beautiful and grateful that I can get so much done in a day. What a blessing to feel so alive, really good in my skin! I love being this healthy.”

What else needs to be said? A good health mantra, repeated often, can improve all aspects of our lives, as we function better when the body is at its optimum. Use this one as a jumping off point and add things that you want to see materialize in your health. Always frame the wording in the positive and in the now, as if you have already obtained these things. The mind believes what you say over and over to yourself, especially when you are in an alpha or theta state (slower brain wave states that can be achieved in meditation). So make it good!

Make Life Miraculous!
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