The Self-talk Series: It’s a New Day

“Don’t let nobody take care o’ your business better than you do” – James Brown from It’s a New Day lyrics

“Today I will take care of business. Whose business? My business. My life has direction and purpose. There are things I want to accomplish, places I want to see and relationships that are important to me. Today, I won’t let distractions get in my way. Nobody knows the things I want to accomplish in this lifetime but me. And, I realize there is no time like the present. I calmly and expectantly move toward the things in life that bring me joy. I have no stress in getting to these things on a certain time table, because I realize that I am complete in every way, and I am all that I need just as I am. None the less, I watch my thoughts closely to identify my shadow’s agenda, to identify distractions and diversions that I create that keep me from a more fulfilled life. I discern the wisdom in other’s advice for me and ultimately make my own choices – always in line with my core values, goals and what makes my heart sing.”

It is important to know what makes your heart joyful and what you ultimately want out of life. These things are uniquely you. There are many distractions in this world and people in your life that want to offer advice. Realize that most people are well intentioned. And, yes there are some people who would like to control you. Internally send love to both types of people as they give you advice, direction, opinions throughout each day. Ultimately, your gut is your best guide. Only you know the direction your life should take in each moment. Listen to your inner voice – not your ego’s voice. Your ego’s voice does not represent the authentic you. The stiller presence within you is the smaller more true voice. It feels like your gut instinct. The stiller presence within will resonate with a peacefulness when you consider a path that makes sense for you. Conversely, it will feel uncomfortable as you consider directions that feel like a poor use of your time.

Today, you will take care of business as only you can, with your own unique style and panache. You will listen to and trust the small inner voice, rather than that of your shadow self or other people. Each moment is yours to choose and you will claim each with confidence and inner peace. Now, jump back and kiss yo self!

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** The Self-talk Series is meant to be a jumping off point to inspire your morning self-talk. I used wisdom from songs of the ages as inspiration so you cab positively craft your days for a more miraculous life. The posts are formatted with an intention, followed by some narrative. Please enjoy and hit the yellow comment button to give us your self-empowering intentions for the day!**


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