The Self-Talk Series: Life is Delicious

“So precious, yet surreal
Life’s a one time deal
With a delicious dark appeal” – Poets of the Fall from Delicious lyrics

“Today I will value every minute of my day. When I am in the moment, I’m home, safe, where I belong. The now holds peace and a beauty – strange and surreal that cannot be experienced in any other way. I must be completely present. I will be completely present for the small, simple and mundane to the large and exhilarating changes that swirl into my reality. The color of the light coming through the window, the warmth of my coffee cup between my hands, the smells wafting from the kitchen of my favorite lunch joint will all be fully experienced. I’m ready for it and anticipate it with the excitement and wonderment of a small child. Today will enchant me. Why? Because, life is a miracle – all of it.”

I have a wise friend from which I’ve learned so much about life. She treats her life like the most delicious project. Constantly journaling, drawing pictures of her surrounding, going to seminars and lectures, traveling to exotic places, she milks life for everything it holds. And, why not? It is our miracle here for the taking.

Don’t get me wrong – a busy life does not equate to a happy or fulfilled life. It is your approach not the pace or quantity of events. My friend can beat eggs for a souffle, and you can see it is the most fun thing in the world at that moment. As the intention above points out, we merely need to be wholly present for what unfolds. From the intricate dance as pedestrians take their cue from the light signaling ‘walk’ to the barista’s artistic swirl atop your cappuccino, it all becomes miraculous when you pause, slow down and appreciate. Namaste.

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