The Self-Talk Series: Man in the Mirror

“I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change” – Michael Jackson from Man in the Mirror lyrics

“These morning attitude adjustments help me. It is a few moments of the day that I take to remind myself that things are okay, I’m okay and so is everyone around me.  It’s a precious moment in time when I remind myself to monitor my thoughts, because I am the one who always chooses how to perceive the reality that unfolds each second of the day.  When I expect good things, forgive all that is the past and stand, washed-clean in the now, the day is effortless – people respond to me with the kindness and respect that I feel and display for them. All is well. A shifting in the heart, shifts the mind and ripples out to all with which I come in contact.  If I watch the news or look around me and see ugliness, I know that all human ugliness is a result of the unchecked ego. Where do I start to change the world? I start with myself.  When I look in the mirror and acknowledge the person I see with love, kindness and respect, I am then able to turn to others and do the same for them. Who wants to be heard, to be felt, to be treated with compassion? We all do. And, I can do this. I choose to do this. It makes my world more beautiful and spirals out to the realities of others I will never know. Today I will reach for the kindest words I can find, the most gracious actions — like smooth skipping stones to toss into the eternal pond. Imagine the ripples reaching as far as China, bouncing off the those at the shoreline and gathering the velocity and magnitude of an enormous love tidal-wave by the time it reaches my backyard again.’

It is easy to accept the natural laws of our world. You drop your coffee on the white carpet and immediately see the truth of the law of gravity. With spiritual and karmic laws, at first glance, repercussions may not seem so evident. We think that an act of kindness will be paid back to us in a similar fashion, now or at a later date, possibly. Yes, acts can be paid back in kind – yes, it is very possible. But, the karma that you reap is also always immediate and lasting. When your morale compass points you to a particular action and you do the right thing, you feel immediately good about yourself. You strengthen and solidify and internally stand taller, your heart beams with the love and joy that is authentically you. You feel right through and through.

Now, think back to an act you may have done as a child that makes you cringe to this day. Most likely you received a momentary look of disapproval, a word of reprimand from a teacher, parent or got an angry response from a let-down friend. The memory of this person or persons losing faith in you as a human being, even if but for a millisecond, sticks with you to this day. This is karmic law – one I learned about in the first grade when caught cheating on a spelling test. I was blatantly opening up the book and looking, like I was Miss Invisible Girl. The shame and humiliation of being called to the back of the room for a talk is forever etched on my brain.

So, you’ve been able to vividly recall a memory such as this as well, yes?  It has shaped you. It has stuck with you for all these many years. And, it influences decisions and guides you to this day — you certainly don’t want that kind of disapproval again. When you examine your heart you’ll discover all your spoils and treasures of karmic law (proud and not so proud moments). It is as sure and true as the scientific law that states ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ Whatever, memory you pulled out and examined with shame just now – forgive it. It has served its purpose. Along the way, it has caused you to act with equal and opposite actions. You move through the world differently than you would have otherwise. Be grateful for it and start fresh once again today. Look in the mirror. You are wise now and able to take this day and make it beautiful for yourself and the entire world with each and every action you take.

Make Life Miraculous!
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