The Self-talk Series: Picture Yourself

“Picture yourself in a boat on a river
with tangerine trees and marmalade skies” – The Beatles from Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds lyrics

“Today will be a day of imagination. Thank God for the ability to paint the world in colors of which only I can see or dream. As I walk through my office, I imagine all the windows done up in brilliant stained glass creations of sky blue, eggplant and copper. Gracing every desk and cubicle, there are gigantic yellow and red sunflowers artistically arranged in colorful pottery jugs. At lunch, I choreograph a dance in which every suited professional on the sidewalk is followed by a leaping dog. Spontaneously, freebies are whipped out of briefcases and tossed to the eager canines in a synchronized dance. The dogs leap high into the air, over hydrants, fountains, even newsstands and hot dog vendors. Each dog, of course, resembles its master as I specify the breed with the exacting eye of da Vinci. Back at the office, I imagine my boss at the age of eight in the most cheerful bright yellow and pink polka dotted oxford shirt. This allows me to smile in admiration at his/her angelic cuteness all afternoon. As I get a cup of coffee, I imagine the beach house I will one-day build, in Maui, no, the Bahamas (don’t want to be too far from friends and family). It’ll be a bright aqua cottage with lime green shutters, white porch and white picket fence, festooned with vivid fuchsia bougainvillea, orange hibiscus and birds of paradise all over the place. Across the dirt road lies the turquoise and indigo ocean, waves washing softly onto the peachy sand beach. Next break, I’ll take a swing in the multi-colored hammock between two shady palm trees in the front yard. Ahhhhh, life is good.”

As kids we were not afraid to use our imaginations. We’d paint the most wonderful, super-hero scenarios all day long and have a hell of a time doing it, better than any theme park could ever offer. We didn’t need to be anywhere in particular to do it either. Now as adults, we sometimes think we must be serious all the time, responsible. As we all know by now, serious and responsible all the time is not only boring but it sucks the fun and soul out of life. Use your imagination. Use it a lot. I can tell you the best time to use it too — times when you’ve really gotten kicked down. You know, when a day seems to want to jerk you around in every imaginable way. This is a tool you can use to get back to right. Paint your way out of it with your imagination. Remember this and try it! It may become your most favorite tool in the kit.

Munnerlyn Inc. copyright © 2012


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