The Self-talk Series: You only get what you give

I apologize for the long absence from the blog! After the Christmas rush, we decided to take a few steps back and make some major improvements to the line. So, expect great things coming in the next few months. In the meantime, I’m starting a ‘Self-talk’ series here on the blog. I invite you and all your friends to subscribe to this empowering series for women. It is wisdom inspired from songs of the ages. It encourages starting each day with positive self-talk and will be formatted with a powerful intention, followed by some narrative. Please enjoy and hit the yellow comment button to give us your self-empowering intentions! This one is dedicated to a friend of mine’s daughter – hang in sweet girl!

“Don’t give up
You’ve got a reason to live
Can’t forget
We only get what we give” – New Radicals, Get What You Give lyrics

“As I close my eyes to envision this upcoming day, my heart warms with the pictures in my mind of me giving to others what I want most. What do I want most? I want to feel appreciated, heard, understood, loved and valued. To the depths of my soul, I know that these longings are universal. So as I pass throughout the day I will look for ways to give these blessings to those with whom I come in contact. My heart will glow and receive ten-fold what I give out in love, understanding, compassion, empathy, encouragement and the simplest of kudos. These riches I will accept with happiness, without guilt for there is an eternal well of love from which I can draw. My source is love. There is no end to the supply and therefore I can give heaping helpings out to all I encounter and will forever have more to give. As I give my heart will expand and fill with more love – that which comes back from others, and that which I feel from my authentic self. Guilt, shame and fear, which are this world’s hell, move further and further away from my reality, because I now live in the light of love.”

As I’ve gotten older, my thoughts about karma have changed. I used to literally believe the adage “You get what you give.” As an example, I thought giving money to a needy individual or organization would result in expansion of my monetary wealth. The spiritual world operates differently from that of the material world. As we give, we do get – but the riches come back in a wide variety of forms, spiritual and material. All of our hearts are joined like the branches that overlap in a beautiful jungle. Let’s feel a gratitude for the deeper reality of karma. Riches of the heart are the greatest treasures of all. A simple compliment or gesture of love ripples out, like an exotic parrot taking flight from the jungle canopy gracing the entire picture with more beauty than was there before. Therein lies the gift for all. The world changes for the better.

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4 Responses to The Self-talk Series: You only get what you give

  1. LIZ September 21, 2012 at 12:35 am #

    BEAUTIFULLY EXPRESSED! Funny how age enlightens our minds and hearts. Loved this!

    • admin September 21, 2012 at 1:14 am #

      Thanks Liz. I appreciate that. It took me a long time to join the human race, but I’m glad to finally be here.
      S. Bell

  2. LIZ September 21, 2012 at 12:37 am #

    Beautifully Expressed! With age comes experience, and with experience comes transformation of mind body and soul! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!!!

  3. Nancy Fredette September 22, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

    My spirit is lifted with your thoughtful words. Here’s to living in the light of love!