Thirteen Reasons the 4th of July Rocks!

13. Old-fashioned block parties where neighbors actually visit with neighbors in the street.

12.   Some of the best rock concerts of the season.

11.  Ice cold watermelon:=)

10.   Lots of hot and sticky parades, carnivals and fairs.

9.  The sounds of kids running, laughing and playing OUTSIDE (sure, they’re lured outdoors by explosives, but they are OUTSIDE)!

8.  Sparklers.

fireworks for blog7.   Barbecues baby!  Drive down the street with the windows down and inhale heaven.

6.   Family reunions (complete with grandma’s bear hugs and cherry cobbler).

5.  Red, white & blue everywhere, the national anthem blaring and gratitude and pride for country on people’s faces.

4.  A day off to ski the lake, picnic or pile onto the couch for a double feature.

3.  Pool parties with tunes cranked, shorts and flip flops, cool cocktails, dad’s manning the grill, and mom’s swaddling their dripping, pruny-fingered kiddos in big fluffy beach towels.

2. Sitting on the ground with the people you love watching a bedazzling sky ablaze with fireworks.

1.   I AM FREE to live how I choose — independence rocks!


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