What is Higher Consciousness?

what is higher consciousnessWhat is higher consciousness? Higher consciousness is a term used to express an intuitive awareness of, affinity for and union with the interconnected whole of all that exists. In intellectual as well as spiritual circles there are many other words for higher consciousness: God-consciousness, Christ consciousness, Buddhic consciousness, and Cosmic Consciousness, to name just a few.

I do a lot of speaking on how to gravitate to these higher states of consciousness. Does that mean I am a guru or enlightened master? Absolutely not. I wish I could say I were. About 10 years ago, I realized I was broken in many ways. I was angry, unhealthy, twisted up and hollow inside – not to mention tired, very tired. I thought that life had worn me out. But now I know that it wasn’t life that had worn me out; it was me that had worn me out. It was my approach to life that had, a result of living in the lower levels of consciousness my whole life.  It wasn’t that I was a bad person or ignorant; I just wasn’t aware that there was a better way. I had never listened to my inner voice. I  lived in the lower consciousness states fueled by ambition and fear, continually pushing down bad feelings and never dealing with them (emotions). I didn’t know what shadow beliefs were; I didn’t speak my authentic voice, and I always just forged ahead like a tank rolling determinedly through the earth alone. It took a number of devastating events to converge to wake me up. I then became determined to find a better way to live — healthier, more peaceful, more loving to myself and others. After 10 years of research and practice, my life is completely different and there’s nothing I enjoy more than passing along what I have learned.

To live higher consciousness requires a dedication to contemplative practices that foster love and empathy and that unravel the fear-based ego thought constructs that deter progression to living in the higher emotional states of love, joy, compassion and gratitude.  Living higher consciousness leads to blissful states of well-being. Do I always live in these states. No. I wish I did. But, at this point in my practice, I know when I’ve descended into the lower states and I know how to move out of them quickly.

The choice to live higher consciousness starts with a desire or intention. This awakening leads to natural steps away from lower levels of human consciousness that center around sensations, security and power. Instead, there is a gravitation toward peace and understanding, love for self and others, collaboration and creation focused on serving the whole and a higher collective good. I have a number of contemplative practices I use for living in the higher consciousness states that I really get a charge out of sharing. There is a transcendental state that is talked about in the religious traditions and by yogis and mystics. Reaching that level is not what I teach and is not necessary for an incredible and miraculous life.

Today, I have so much more energy — like that of my childhood. It takes so much less energy to live this way. I hope my future posts and events will be helpful to you. I love hearing other people’s methods — things that have worked for you, so please comment whenever you feel inspired.

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