Where peace starts

This lovely photo entitled Starburst was taken by Chris Lim, whose work can be found on Flickr. I love it because it conveys a certain serenity. You can see the world as a sort of microcosm in the tiny drop of dew on the petal.

It’s so easy to get caught in the world — to turn on the news and get twisted up by the violence and corruption in the world. When I do this my internal dialogue kicks in and I begin to grouse about the problems and all of those that cause them. But, when I become conscious of this, I stop and think about where peace starts — right in our own little microcosm. Every thought we think, every action we take can contribute to a better and more peaceful world.

In this Christmas season, I hope this photo will hang in a corner of your mind as a reminder, when the world sucks you in (when mall parking is ridiculous and shoppers are pushy, shove-y), to just step back and give love and peace to those around you. When we each do this in our own little microcosm, there will be peace on earth.

Make Life Miraculous,
Sandy Munnerlyn Bell

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